The Saltwater Fishing Market: Growing on Every Level

A Growing Coastal Population is Driving Saltwater Fishing Growth
  • 9 million saltwater anglers
  • 71.5 million saltwater fishing trips a year

  The Ever Growing Striped Bass Market Makes a Splash
  • Over 3 million saltwater striped bass anglers from Maine to North Carolina
  • 11 million striped bass fishing trips a year from Maine to North Carolina
  Striped Bass Annual Expenditures per angler
  • Private Boat Owner: $2,500+
  • Non-boating anglers: $1,200+
A Growing Population and More Purchasing Power is Found on the Coast
  • 53% of the total population live in coastal counties*
  • Coastal Population Increased 33% from 1980-2003

• Coastal counties have a 17% higher median household income than non coastal counties
*Coastal counties defined as counties on the Atlantic, Pacific, Gulf of Mexico, or Great Lakes Coast