Digital Anglers

DIGITAL ANGLERS are a new breed of anglers who primarily use the internet to find and
exchange information on fishing.
Vital terms and statistics  
Unique Users:
Each Computer has an IP address, that allows websites to identify it as different from another computer. This helps to quantify the audience size. There are 700,000 Unique Users That Visit The Allcoast Fishing Network.
Registered Users:
Anglers who sign up to have a screen name on our websites, which is free. A registered user has the capability to interact. There are 100,000 registered users to the Allcoast Fishing Network.
Non-Registered Users:
Anglers who visit our websites to view information, but not interact.
Every time a unique user goes to a website, it is a visit. Each unique user averages three visits per month and averages 15 minutes of time per on the website per visit.
Page Views:
Every time a user clicks to another page, it is a page view. There are 20 million page views a month on the Allcoast Fishing Network.

Popular Activities On The Allcoast Fishing Network - WHAT OUR USERS ARE DOING
  • Share/View Fishing Reports
  • Discuss/View Fishing Forums
  • Read Editorials
  • Upload/View Pictures
  • Upload/View Videos
  • Register For Tournaments/Seminars
  • Search for Local Fishing Businesses
  • Book a Fishing Trip
  • View Classifieds
  • Click Advertisements
Clicking Advertisements is the third most popular activity on our websites
after visiting the home page and viewing fishing reports.
Over 100,000 advertisements are clicked each week on the Allcoast Fishing Nework.